Multi-Use PRX in-home power rack.
This device is many things, a squat rack, chest press and multi-pull up grips.  It also comes with several attachments such as, the landmine, dip bars, tension cable pulley and suspension cords, bull handles, knee tuck attachments, several pull up positions built in to frame and suspension ropes with handles and SO MUCH MORE!  Find out what your capable of with this amazing device.

Everlast punching bag will crush the usual cardio workouts and put your full body to the test!  We offer several gloves for use, but please sanitize hand before using these gloves, thank you!

Feel free to bring your own gloves or wraps to make the most of the workout!

Please wipe down with either the spray or sanitary wipes

The gloves offered at the Lab are two different types; one is a MMA style glove with small dense padding around knuckles and ends of fingers.  These fit more snug but will wear out hands quicker.  The other, regular(non-competition grade) boxing gloves with more padding, but not as dense and these gloves will wear out the wrists and forearms quickly.

ZEALOUS TRAINING LAB has TONS of extra tools, toys and equipment to push your physical limits to new levels!  Bands, Boxes, Rollers, Suspension, BOSU Balls, Yoga Balls, Battle Rope, Speed Ladder and much MORE!  Come check us out to see ALL the different ways to learn about true fitness!

Cardio section comes with 2 Life Fitness high quality treadmills with 12.0 incline and up to 10.0 mph. 

Elliptical machine is from Cybrex and is very high quality, made to position your body in the correct jogging/running form.

Airdyne 2.0 Studio Cycle Bike from Schwinn, an incredible full body workout in just MINUTES, test it, dare you. 

There are 2 different sanitizing stations, both are located a few steps from these machines, PLEASE wipe them down after use.  

Please also note, there is not a time limit on these devices, however, please be kind to the next members who may be waiting for a tern.

Multiple open spaces for stretching, yoga, PLYO and explosion workouts.  Plenty of yoga balls at different sizes, along with two forms of mats to safely lay on for those poses and stretches.  Kettlebells and box work are another form of great full-body workouts, stepping or jumping the boxes do more than they appear.  The kettlebells are formed to create a firm grip that engages the wrist and forearm in every workout.  In this particular area, there are multiple posters of example workouts and exercises for body weight, suspension, kettlebell and dumbbell movements.

Please be aware we are always updating and getting new materials and machines and so things move around to fit the limited space

We offer several machines to get a good isolated pump on while at The Lab; the Titan chest fly and should fly machine, the Titan preacher curl and triceps device, Titan leg extension/leg curl machine and Olympic style squat rack for the heavier lifting.  Most recently added to the team; second PRX power rack, Titan made Delt raise and Should press machine.  AND at long wait...the Titan Hack Squat machine is finally in the line up!

PLEASE NOTE:  Zealous Training Lab has NO STAFF ON SITE most of the week, be advised, audio and video recording devices are running 24/7 for the safety of our members and ZTL owner.  The door is locked 24/7, access ONLY through membership key card(s).

Full range of free weights; plate weights are located in several areas throughout the isolation devices, either mounted on the N wall, or stacked neatly on a TItan mobile rack and dumbbells ranging from 5lbs to 60lbs are located next to the adjustable benches, while some of the other doubled wights are in the open area by the cable cross over machine.  Though there are a few mixed manufacturers in there, all of the weights are new, sturdy and ready for you to throw around!  Kettle bells are also available for lifting use, they are located by the pulley cross over cable machine!  All the benches have wheels for easy movement and 3 are from Titan and another from Gym Experts.  2 of these benches adjust with incline, while the Gym Experts does both incline and decline.

ALL ISOLATION MACHINES ARE PLATE WEIGHTED DEVICES AND YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO LOAD AND UNLOAD THE WEIGHTS USED.  There are also example workout posters all around The Lab walls if anyone needs a little help during their workouts!  Zealous Training Lab is a SELF-SERVICE FACILITY and does not have staff on site most of the week.  Please see postings at The Lab for staffed days/hours.