$34.99 PER MONTH

1ST and LAST MONTH, along with $50.00 ACTIVATION fee due at signing

Payments will be taken out monthly and automatically on the date set by the member

24-hour access with use of key-fob or key-card

ADD-ONS for family members: $19.99 per family member(same last name or proper guardianship signatures)


$19.99 - $34.99 PER MONTH

{OWNERS/MANAGER/SUPERVISOR}1ST and LAST MONTH, along with $50.00 ACTIVATION fee due at signing (no $50.00 activation if group is 8+ people)

ALL OTHER MEMBERS will be charged $19.99 per month and a one-time $5.00 fee for 24-hour access key-fobs

Employees, or non-manager/owner/supervisor members MUST have proof of employment or involvement with the company at signing, when key-fobs are picked up


FREE for first time guests of the Lab

These passes are for the guests who want to see if Zealous Training Lab is the right fit for their workout and fitness needs.  These passes do come with temporary 3-day access with a key-FOB that will be returned exactly 3 days after the guest has signed and dated the Liability and Waiver forms.  These passes are not for purchase, and guests who fulfill the 3-day time frame, they will be asked to continue with buying a membership or coming in during the Day Pass hours and purchase a day pass.


$10.00 per guest - credit or debit cards preferred, cash is acceptable.

Guests using the Drop-In or Day Passes will only have access once they have set up a date and time with manager via phone call/text message/email inquiry, as this is a 24 hour self service facility with no posted staff hours of operations.

Each guest will sign and date a Release of Liability waiver before beginning their time in the Lab, please provide a current copy or ID for verification as well

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